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Memories: Make art, be art

There are memories that come and go, flashes in our minds that light up and off, like there was someone inside playing with electricity. They come in the most unexpected moment, sometimes to make us smile and sometimes to make us cry.

We tell the same old story over and over, especially when saying it out loud fill us with joy, people notice and they let it repeat itself; just to see us smile.

Sometimes, it’s like we have only few important moments, but there are more, even if they’re not so meaningful. We treasure the ones we love the most, like our first kiss, our fist accomplishment, our first love.

Sometimes it only takes a song, a picture, an object to make the memory pop out. The song you dance together at the prom, the first gift you bought for your baby sister with your own money, the photo from when you went to the park with your BFF. Moments that defined us.

So yes, there are memories that deserve to be immortalized. That’s what art is about, making memories last forever, writing about someone, keeping it alive in a video, a photograph. Just so you won’t ever forget it, just to keep it fresh a little bit longer.

Hope you have very special memories popping up in your mind and that you’re able to let the bad ones go away. We are who we are for a lot of reasons, maybe we will never know most of them, but the ones you can recall, embrace them, take your notebook, camera or painting kit and make them immortal, make them last forever… make art.



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