I remember

The night I kissed you, I really don’t know ‘til today why I did it. Maybe it was fate, or maybe it was all the pressure I was under. I really don’t know, but believe me I’d never felt something like that before, so in my mind you’re still the best thing that I’ve experienced.

I remember our first text messages, never told you they almost got me out of class many times. It was worth it, because they let me know you a little bit better. It was amazing how fast I fell for you, like that time you went for me after school with that huge sign hanging from your neck. I told every person in my world how much I loved you.

That time we went to that picnic with my family, you wore that purple jacket I loved so much and those Gaga kinda glasses that for a weird reason looked so good on you. Everbody knew how happy I was by being with you.

All the times you took me to the zoo, just because you know how much I love it. The random days, the silence and just lying anywhere holding hands. I remember the time we talked, lying in your bed, the light was gone and all I wanted was to hear your voice, the way you smelled cause you had recently taken a bath and how I felt my world was so complete by holding you.

Your voice always soothed me, that voice I know so well that just hearing it let me know your mood perfectly, your voice cannot lie. Those are the moments I miss most, the talk, telling secrets, knowing each other even more. Now all those memories have faded away. Nothing matters anymore and I can’t want it back.

If you ever wonder if you’re still important to me, well yes, you are. You’ll always be. But you’re not vital, I can live without you. All I ask is one little thing… please never kiss her like you used to kiss me so I know what we had was real. Be happy dear, please, just be happy.



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